Sharky Culture

Be a proud member of the Sierra Sharks Swim Team.
Always use positive comments when speaking with teammates, coaches, and other league swimmers and coaches. Reach out to our coaches if you have any problems or concerns.

Coaches do the coaching.
It is your responsibility to listen closely to all instructions from the coaching staff and to attempt to follow them.

Attend practices, be dressed and ready on time.
Arrive early for practice. The coaches look for a three-day minimum attendance to continue skill development, maintain conditioning, and achieve success on the swim team.

Work towards your goals.
With the assistance of the coaches, you should set high personal goals and work hard to achieve them. Know your times!

Cheer for and encourage your teammates.
Learn the team cheers. Root for your team members. Big Shark Buddies root for little Shark Buddies and vice versa.

No complaining.
While at practice or meets, do your best to be positive. It is important not to discourage your teammates.

Learn about the equipment.
You should learn how to use the pace clock, kick boards, lane lines, starting blocks, and backstroke flags. You are expected to help the coaches set up and put away equipment used during practices.

Follow the pool rules.
You should always be aware and respectful of the facility rules.

Respect all facilities.
When we are the guest team, your actions, language and behavior reflect the entire team. Please respect the facilities and leave them clean. Respect our home facilities and the rules set by the Cameron Park CSD.

Hosting other teams.
When we are hosting a meet, please make the visiting team feel welcome.