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We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

Melanie Miles

We are proud and excited to have Melanie return for a third year as Head Coach of the Sierra Sharks. Since taking on the program in 2022, Coach Melanie has been instrumental in our ability to build a team that excels not only in its sport, but also in individual development, teamwork, and community spirit.

Coach Melanie is a hands-on coach who sees and believes in the potential of each swimmer she works with. As a mom of swimmers herself, she is acutely aware of the powerful role swimming can play in a young person’s development.

“We all have battles to fight in every chapter of our life,” she says. “The strength and perseverance that young athletes develop through swim—both in learning to swim and competing as a swimmer—will arm them with more tools for success and far better than anything else I can think of.”

In the 2024 swim season, the Sierra Sharks and Coach Melanie will continue to build on the momentum and progress of the previous season with a shared belief that every worthy goal takes time and hard work, and every great achievement is the result of committed individuals working together.

Coach Melanie is originally from Central Oregon and began her coaching career more than a decade ago in Santa Rosa, California. She is a USA certified swim coach and works with recreational and competitive swim teams year-round.

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Favorite Stroke: Freestyle

Zoie Banner
Favorite Stroke: Breastroke
Macie Banner
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Favorite Stroke: Backstroke
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