Broadstone Barracudas 6/22/2024


Happy Sunday Sharkie friends and fam!

Oh my goodness, thank you everyone who came out to support us at the swim meet this weekend. We got to race with the Barracudas from Folsom and it was a fast pool for most of our athletes. 198 swimmers registered and only a few ended up scratching due to illness.

There are so many stats I want to throw at you--we did not win the meet in terms of over all scores but it is easy to see that the Sharks are building something.

Lets dive in!

Of our 6 and under Sharks who attended

--all but a couple are brand new! Though they did not score very many points, they are on their way and getting faster every time they get in the pool. The average time at the beginning of the season for a single lap was just over a minute average. Now the average time is hovering in the upper 30 second range, almost twice as fast as they were! If these young swimmers stick with it some of them will be the fastest in the pool. I am not kidding. They are building so much technique and skill. Watch out for them.

The 7/8 crowd

Our 7/8 girls have made such progress this season. Also a mostly new bunch of swimmers. We do have a few returning 7/8 girls and the coaches and parents can tell you that this year they are much more confident. Every time 7/8 girls swim the entire group gets faster. One great example from this weekends 7/8 breaststroke event was when 9 out of 13 got a best time or personal best, only one DQ'd and the other three stayed right around their previous best. We worked hard on Breaststroke the last two weeks and we saw a few girls drop 3-6+ seconds!

The 7/8 boys have a group of "veterans" and they are on their way to domination...of the pool anyway. There are 6 or 7 of them that always seem to be each others competition. that group seems to pull everyone along with them to faster and faster times.

Boys 7/8 team scored 39 points to barracuda's 28 total points for an age group win

9/10 girls also are in a building phase Makena Acosta sets the bar high--keep an eye on her as she creeps up on virtually all the team records this season. She might not have anyone quite as fast as her in most pools but she has good company as I watch the other 9/10 girls build their technique and speed. 9/10 girls had the most number of best times this meet and the fewest DQ percentage. 34 best times in individual events.

9/10 boys, the most competitive group in the pool. They also had an incredible number of Personal Bests with 33 total individual best times. 9/10 boys are a fast bunch and even they newest kids on the team just keep rising to the occasion. Keep an eye on Davis Martin (who just broke our team record for fly and all of his friends). Seriously this group of the boys is the hardest for me to put into relays because they are all are capable of going fast and they know how to race. So far our fastest relay group of Davis Martin, Hunter Acosta, Jack-Henry Divelbiss, and Josh Forbis have had undefeated times in both Medley and Free relays for the whole season! Watch this group as they will be creeping onto more record breaking times by the end of the season

9/10 boys scored 58 points to the Barracudas 18!!!!

11/12 Girls and 11/12 boys both held their own! Also a super dynamic and talented group all I can say is watch all of them. The brand new baby swimmers are dropping time like crazy and the veterans are matching that energy. I wanted to blow up Orion, my kiddo but then when I combed through the whole age group they are all popping off! I would not be surprised if a few of these kids-boys and girls--get right up to team record times too.

11/12 girls and boys combined won their age group both scoring 43 to 33 for a total of 86 Sharks vs 66 for the Cudas!

13/14 boys and girls are a smaller group many of whom are doing swim as a second sport. There are some very talented swimmers in this group and they will tell you I am guilty of being a bully and trying to talk them out of anything except swimming. HaHa--it hasn't worked yet but a coach can dream. Game plan is just to keep building our Shark family and the fun we have together. We will cheer on and support all of our athletes and be thrilled when they get in the water to race with us. We have such a small total group that you will occasionally see us struggle to have one full relay between them.

15/18 Mens and Women's athletes are a busy, talented and tiny group. Older Sharks hold some of the top times in the league for virtually all strokes. They've had colds, ear infections and illness, second sports, jobs, and travel. Despite that when all of our Shark Ladies are here they are just about unbeatable and have amazing relays. Sharks loves these veteran leaders and newer mentors we are fortunate to have so many who care about each other, care about swim and make the pool deck a better place to be when they are there.

One final shout out--the boys 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12 went undefeated in all 6 relay events this weekend.

Another exciting thing from the meet--watching so many swimmers complete turns on the wall that reflected the work they have been doing. It's not perfect yet but so much is improving. We will continue to have opportunities to practice turns and finishes Keep coming to practice. aim for 5 days a week if you can for the most improvement.

It was really hard to figure out who would go in the Sharkie Spotlight this week.

We have multiple swimmers who have got PB (personal bests) in almost every meet and in almost all of their events! We have swimmer who got new MOC times, we have athletes who finally got legal times in difficult strokes like Breast, a half dozen younger swimmers dropped between 9 and 40 seconds on various individual swims, of course countless athletes who are ambassadors to the entire community and mentors to each other. In the end I laded on Cade Williamson, brand new to Swim, highly motivated and consistently at every meet. He come to practice, works hard, champions everyone and wants to learn. I get to choose two Sharkies--doesn't make it easier but for this week I chose Ellie Johnson. Ellie Swims with the best and most competitive group of 11/12 girls and I would choose all of them on any given day for a spotlight. This week she took on a lot of criticism, critique and scrutiny--all things that can be really hard when you're working as hard as these girls do. She listened and did the work without knowing if it would bare fruit at the end of the day. I never heard her protest or say a negative thing. Her positive attitude and hardworking paid off.

Mindset is more than anything what makes us winners. Look where you want to go and then go there.

See you on the pool Deck,

Coach Melanie

PS_ Next weekends meet signup closes tonight! Hurry and sign up. Loomis has a great pool and is notorious for fast swims. I hope you all can make it. We currently only have about 60 swimmers registered!


total MOC individual entries

  • Makena Acosta: 25Free, 50Free, 25Breast, 25Fly, 100IM

  • Davis Martin: 100IM, 25 Free, 50Free, 25Back, 25Beast, 25Fly

  • Hunter Acosta: 25Breast, is .05 seconds from 100IM

  • Addison Mossman: 100 IM, 50Free, 50Back

  • Orion Miles: 50Free, 50Fly

  • Hannah Hauk: 50Back, 100free, 50fly

  • Dakota Alfaquih: 50Breast

  • Lexi Powers: 100Breast

  • Savy McDonough: 100Free, 50Fly, 50Free

  • Noah Hauk: 100Back

  • Solara Loftus: 100 Free

  • Peyton Nelson: 50Back

  • Josh Forbis: 25Fly

Please let me know if I missed your swimmer or one of their events! 13 swimmers and 30 individual swims. three meets to go.