Team Legacy Awards

Wilson Award
The Wilson award began in 2006 providing a formal opportunity to recognize and show appreciation to the families who have given years of dedication, commitment, and service to the Sierra Sharks. The plaque reads as follows: “The Sierra Sharks Hall of Fame: In honor of Pam and Craig Wilson whose dedication, commitment, and hard work throughout the years, exemplify the true Sierra Sharks spirit and will always be remembered.” The Board will determine which family should receive the honorary award. Through the years, consideration of volunteer hours, parent job responsibilities, above and beyond contributions to the Sierra Sharks. Tradition has been that this award is presented to families towards the end of their commitment to the Sharks.

Sharky Spirit Award
In honor of Pietra Duffy whose warm smile and flare for artwork left a permanent mark on Sierra Sharks parents, coaches, and swimmers. During swim meets, swimmers became Pietra’s canvas where she expressed her love for the Sharks and inspired Shark swimmers to deliver their best at each swim meet with the body art she created. This award is presented to the parent/coach/swimmer whose actions and presence inspired the Sharks during the swim season. The Board determines the individual or group to receive this award.

Volunteer Service Recognition
This award is presented to volunteers that have gone above and beyond the required team commitments to improve the swimmer and their families experience during the swim season.