Loomis Basin Dolphins 6/29/2024


Good Evening Sharkies, Sharkie friends and family,

Let's start with the good news first.

We broke records AGAIN!

Big shout out to 9/10 boys 100yrd Medley Relay: Davis Martin, Hunter Acosta, Joshua Forbis, and Jack-Henry Divelbiss. They smashed the old record of 1:06.76 with a new time of 1:05.93!

Davis started the meet off on the right foot when he broke the previous 9/10 100 IM record, from the old time of 1:16.78 in 2013 to the new time of 1:13.78! He is not far off the League Record with that time.

After IM and Medley Relay got smashed, Davis Martin went ahead and put another notch in his belt by breaking the backstroke record for 9/10 boys.

Good job to all of them and good job to the rest of the swimmers who are working just as hard and having just as much success! A few highlights--

  • Alessia Ramos just started swimming this year as a brand new totally green swimmer! Her first 100 IM was 3:50.55 compared to this weekends meet time of 1:48.31. She has seen similar improvement in all of her events

  • Sulove Pokarel--also a brand new swimmer this year in the 13/14 boys--has been able to get legal and drop massive time in IM and breaststroke, two of the most difficult events to grapple with. He has worked hard and swims mid pack on all of his events, which is an accomplishment in that age group.

  • Of our six and unders, Aria Stake and Ariel Makanoneng dropped 16+, and almost 27 seconds respectively in the freestyle event. Charlotte Trimble, Bell Reynolds, Isabella Morgan, and Maeve Walker dropped a combined 13 seconds between them in freestyle. Gwenyth Morgan, not to be outdone, improved over 9 seconds in 25 free event. My girl Harper Pasek pulled off her first legal Backstroke ever and I litterally almost cried--she has worked hard for that. Amelia Schroeder knocked off 15.88 seconds in backstroke and then miss Aria Stake really took the cake with a 1:14.94 time improvement!!! Guys, that is a milestone to remember right there for all the littles, they have improved so much.

  • In every age group we have athletes that are such a pleasure to watch and coach and get to be a part of their swim journey.

    • Oliver Breshears swims with as much heart as any one in an pool, good job on your Personal Record this week Ollie!

    • Piper Arth had a great meet and I know she has to be excited about unlocking the Butterfly and then getting a best time this weekend! She is a great teammate and shows up everyday to work and support the team and even coaches.

    • Jacob Arthur from the 13/14 boys nailed his meet. He improved his 100free by nearly 24 seconds and got a best time in fly and his relay splits.

    • speaking of meet nirvana, Colin Martin in the 7/8 boys improved in all of his individual events with a more than 6 seconds improved in both 50free and 25breast and another 2.66 seconds off his fly.

    • I could keep going. If you were there you hopefully saw how awesome these kids are. Like Katelynn Spears swimming twice in her relay because one of her teammates was too nervous to swim or Quinn Clanton walking along lane 1 cheering on her baby sister Stella as she swam her relay. Or hopefully you saw coach Lauren at lane 5 with her vintage silly Shark hat! Wearing that hat is a labor of love for sure and I know it definitely helped us relax and go fast.

  • I told you guys that Loomis Pool is a fast pool: just under 120 Athletes swam averaging 2.5 events per swimmer. we had only 1 DQ out of all age groups combined for the 100IM. we averaged 1.36 personal bests per swimmer and we got 3 records broken in one meet! we still have a few relays that remain undefeated and a couple that have only had one loss.

Here's the "Bad News"; We are headed into a holiday week. Here are some things to think about. Scientifically we start to loose reaction/sprint speed after three days of rest and Sharks will have 5 days off. Go find yourself some sprint time in a pool. If you're really ambitious and have no pool, do wind sprints in a parking lot--on foot or on a bike. All these kids who are drastically improving, know what they have in common? Across the board from the MOC kids and record breakers down to the newest kids and most inexperienced...the athletes who keep walking away with consistent improvement are showing up 4 or 5 times a week and swimming their heart out. There are a tiny few (can count on one hand) who are doing all that and haven't had a perfect meet yet. I see you. I also see you being a friend to everyone and building your social skills, your alliances with coaches and learning how to stay focused. My advice--believe in yourself. You have what it takes.

Sharkie Spotlight: Leila Beasley, besides hard work this girl is an ambassador to all, if you have had the opportunity to meet then you can count her as a friend, I am pretty sure she hasn't met anyone she doesn't count as a friend. The other spotlight needs to be on Hunter Davis. This is the hardest assignment of my job becauseI could choose a dozen kids on any given week! I have noticed that Hunter is taking more and more initiative and learning how to do swim math and anticipate when and what the intervals are and keeping better track of how many laps he's done, on top of that he is an amazing friend to anyone he is in the water with no matter what. Thanks Hunter and Leila for being such good humans and the epitome of Sharks culture: work hard, play hard, support each other.

Total MOC individual entries 14 swimmers, 35ish events and counting.

Makena Acosta: 25Free, 50Free, 25Breast, 25Fly, 100IM

Davis Martin: 100IM, 25 Free, 50Free, 25Back, 25Beast, 25Fly

Hunter Acosta: 25Breast, is .05 seconds from 100IM

Addison Mossman: 100 IM, 50Free, 100free, 50Back

Ellie Johnson: .3 seconds in breaststroke!

Orion Miles: 50Free, 50Fly

Hannah Hauk: 50Back, 100free, 50fly

Dakota Alfaquih: 50Breast

Lexi Powers: 100Breast

Savy McDonough: 100Free, 50Fly, 50Free

Noah Hauk: 100Back, almost has 100 IM

Solara Loftus: 100 Free, 50free, 50FLY

Peyton Nelson: 50Back

Josh Forbis: 25Fly

Please let me know if I missed your swimmer or one of their events! 13 swimmers and 30 individual swims. three meets to go.

Hey, one last thing. Our next meet is at home and it is the last meet before Champs! Registration is open now. The meet is with Granite Bay and we really need all of us to try and be there!

See you on the pool deck!

Coach Melanie


PS - Please bring water to every practice this week and hydrate through the day.